Patrick stump dating

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Patrick stump dating

—and levying threats, that should be enough winning to let Trump forget about the NFL’s stadium boondoggle.

Moreover, now that Goodell, Jerry Jones, and the rest of the NFL owners have made their intention to subvert the protests clear, to the point of fiddling with the rules—without telling anyone!

For the 22nd time in the last few weeks, a football thing set off Donald Trump and he took out his anger online.“Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country?

” the president tweeted earlier this week, even though nonviolent protests in no way intended to show disrespect for the unnecessarily capitalized anthem, flag, and country. ”It’s a continuation of his windmill-tilting spat with the NFL, one that really began to pick up steam after a stump speech on Sept.

A spate of GOP backbenchers has suddenly jumped into the fray too, making loud noises about stadium funding as a way to keep the outrage fires about the flag and anthem stoked. Eric Greitens, who was elected in 2016 and ran a campaign ad called “Big Guns” that consisted solely of him pumping off round after round from some military-grade hardware, (so, yeah, a Republican) refused to back a plan in that would have gifted million toward the construction of a soccer stadium for a still-nonexistent Major League Soccer expansion team in St. He called the proposal, which failed, “welfare for millionaires.” In 2015, Wisconsin Governor and noted budget hawk Scott Walker wanted to funnel cash to the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks, but the plan was staunchly opposed by… Though the Bucks did ultimately get the money, Fladeboe was lamenting the proposal’s use of “fuzzy math” and “complicated accounting,” all of which is and was undoubtedly true, even if it’s jarring to see a Koch Brothers-founded and -funded mouthpiece say it.

Conversely, the Democratic mayor of Cleveland and party apparatus moved heaven and earth in order to bequeath Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Trump donor, and subprime-mortgage grifter Dan Gilbert million to spiffy up Quicken Loans Arena.

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The NFL—as in, the National Football League itself—does not receive “massive tax breaks.” Until 2015, the NFL was a nonprofit corporation, and as such, was not required to pay federal income tax, though 31 of the 32 teams are for-profit businesses, the one exception being the Green Bay Packers, a not-for-profit that is publicly and communally owned by Wisconsinites.

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