Lanka sex talk

Posted by / 15-Aug-2017 10:21

Before the start of the series between India and Sri Lanka in November, all the talk was centered around yet another 9-0 ‘tour wash’ for India.

However, despite all odds, the inexperienced Sri Lanka side has put up an improved performance.

In an exclusive interview with a popular media channel, the actress, writer and director has opened up about the various allegations against her.

Gayatri Gupta has revealed some of the unknown sensational facts in the interview.

Your morning cuppa has mostly likely been picked from the plantations of Nuwara Eliya, there are game parks with an abundance of wildlife including elephants, and mile long stretches of pristine golden sandy beaches.On my previous trips to this amazing country, although I haven’t yet conquered the whole Island, I managed to see a huge amount of it and truly believe that the inland areas of Sri Lanka are the “must sees” and what makes the country so special.The perfect itinerary, which I would recommend to anybody, would be to spend a night in a Colombo hotel to relax after your long but bearable international flight and then set off the following day on a great six night adventure.There are a number of excellent hotels, large markets, a mosque, a beautiful river and the main train station there means you can travel to anywhere on the Island. I’ve been a couple of times and been lucky enough to see many different species of birds and even a few Monitor lizards on the river banks and in the river itself.I was also shown by our Captain how to make a necklace using the roots and flower of a huge water lily.

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The driving in Sri Lanka is crazy but everyone seems to read each other’s minds and by communicating through horns, it just seems to work.