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Dating sites in albuquerque

Marble believed he was receiving directions to the treasure from the ghost of Thomas Veale himself.

If you're interested in checking out the place for yourself, the iron gate leading into the cave is open for a few hours a day or by request to the Lynn Woods Reservation.

People have been searching for treasure on Deer Island since 1824, when a Captain Tewksbury, Rev.

The story goes that one night in 1824, James Roland Cooke, a farmer from the area, overheard men (presumably pirates) discussing the location of a buried chest.

Upon finding a spot near an odd blue rock that appeared to be a freshly dug and refilled hole, Cooke left to find a constable.

This area is a potential treasure trove of hidden artifacts.

In 1921, a local worker discovered approximately ,000 in gold coins and silverware in a field near a building that had burned in the great fire.

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In 1658, pirate Thomas Veale supposedly buried several chests of gold and silver coins near or inside the cave.

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