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Marriage was once mostly arranged in Iraq; however, people now have the freedom to choose their spouse.

Parents still often arrange outings and introductions (dates) for their children with potential suitors.

It is considered too personal and rude to ask directly about a person’s wife, sister or daughter.

Therefore, the wife needs her husband’s consent to get divorced if she is the one requesting a separation.Furthermore, this belief that it is a man’s duty to protect and provide for his female family members means Iraqi society justifies men inheriting twice as much as women.In the traditional Arab society, children typically live in their parents’ house until they are married or ready to have children of their own.The father or oldest male is the patriarch of the family.His opinion will prevail and in divorce proceedings of a Muslim couple, it is often presumed that children automatically belong to him.

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Iraqi society still views misbehaviour by women as more dishonourable than misbehaviour by men.

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